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An evidence-based approach is taken to find the solutions for your oedema or lymphoedema that works best for you and your lifestyle. We offer a range of advanced therapies to help you gain back control and live well. 

D&OC offers services for all stages of the lipoedema journey, from understanding conservative management options to pre and post-surgical support. Our lipoedema-specific services are tailored to better address the oedema, fibrosis, bruising and pain associated with lipoedema. We customise sessions for lipolymphoedema and swelling caused by vascular conditions. 

Skin Therapy→

Skin Therapy with D&OC offers a unique tailored solution for skin changes on the face and body, including those associated with lymphoedema, lipoedema, immobility and inflammatory skin conditions. 

Our comprehensive Initial Consultation is designed to help you see improvements from your first visit. We include garment fitting or a complimentary bespoke treatment.  At your appointment, we will complete detailed assessment and treatment planning, including appropriate referrals and a report for your healthcare practitioners. 

Residential Services & Enquiries

To discuss booking residential client services, please email your enquiry to